A new healthy ‘fast-food’ restaurant in the heart of the Northern Quarter. We were asked to create a marketing strategy to break them into the Manchester restaurant scene. We built their social media from the ground up using organic methods and photography to help increase their following and enhance their brand online.

What is Poké?

Poké is Hawaiian street food that made it’s way to the West Coast of America a few years ago. Think of it as deconstructed sushi. Made from fresh raw fish, rice and all the healthy add ons, it is a great dish to boost your energy levels.

We positioned Poké on the channels that would help to target the right market in and around Manchester. Their Instagram account grew from 0 to nearly 1,300 in just over 2 months, organically. Using photography, we have created a theme and a brand that people can recognise on Instagram. Facebook has become a place where people leave reviews and share their experiences of eating at Poké.

Taking inspiration from the birthplace of Poké – Hawaii and the interior of the restaurant we wanted the images to reflect the ‘laid-back’ lifestyle that Poké represents. We have created a catalogue of images, from all of their dishes to lifestyle shots.

We all know the importance of collaborating with influencers in the social age. We organised the launch party of Oké Poké and invited health, lifestyle and personal trainer bloggers to come and get a first taste of Poké in Manchester. From this we generated natural brand ambassadors who continue to share their Oké Poké experience across all channels on social.


‘Lei Day’ is a National Holiday in Hawaii. To help celebrate we created a Snapchat Geo Filter that spread across the whole of the Northern Quarter. We asked people to screenshot their Snaps and show it to their server the next time they visited Poké to receive a free juice. This campaign not only created more customers for Poké but increased their brand awareness in Manchester.

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